Frequently Asked Questions

Registering an account with us is incredibly simple. Just visit our SIGN UP page, complete the required fields with your information, and you’ll be eligible to become a member.

The maximum number of tickets per individual or account is indicated on the prize page. This limit is strictly enforced, meaning you can only add up to the specified limit to your basket and account. If you attempt to purchase more tickets when you’ve already reached the maximum for that prize, you won’t be able to proceed.

The maximum number of tickets allowed varies depending on the total number of tickets available for a particular draw. For instance, in a draw with 999 tickets, the maximum per person is set at 10. For prizes with 4999 tickets or more, the maximum number of tickets allowed is 50.

If you reside outside of the UK and Ireland, we advise against participating in our competitions due to potential variations in competition laws across different countries.

To participate in our competitions, it’s necessary to have an account on our website. Please proceed to the SIGN UP page to create your account now.

Following the live draw, we will reach out to you via telephone promptly. In the event of an unanswered call or if an incorrect number is listed on your account, we will communicate with you via email.

Our headquarters are located in Morecambe, Lancashire. We provide complimentary nationwide delivery, either through personal delivery or via postal service, depending on the nature of the prize and the winner’s preference. We have successfully delivered prizes across the United Kingdom.

In the case of a vehicle prize, if you choose to collect it, we’ll offer you fuel or train fare, and we’ll ensure the vehicle is filled with fuel for your journey home. Alternatively, you can opt for delivery, which typically occurs within a week or less from the time of winning the prize.

We regret to hear about your decision. If you wish to deactivate your account, please reach out to our support team through the form on our CONTACT page, and we’ll be glad to help you with the process.